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Financial Aid/Scholarships

 FAFSA form

  • FAFSA stands for the Free Application For Federal Student Aid. Make sure you submit before March 2nd
  • Submitted to federal government-based on family income and taxes-gives what is called the EFC or the Expected Family Contribution.
  • The government sends you a SAR (Student Aide Report) that tells you your EFC.
  • The government sends info from FAFSA to schools you list on FAFSA
  • Schools will send you a financial aid package that includes all four parts.
  • You then can decide whether to accept all, part, or none of your financial aid offer.
  • First step to apply for FAFSA -a PIN number! You and your parents should sign up for a Personal Identification Number at

Cal Grant GPA Verification:
You must attend a California college/university to get a Cal Grant.

  • You must fill out a FAFSA form to get a Cal Grant.
  • By March 2nd, your GPA (10-11 unweighted excluding PE) will be uploaded by the District for you. 



Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation

Criteria: Provides scholarship to the children of Marines and Navy Corpsmen. Senior. Planning to attend college, trade school. GPA 2.0 Family income does not exceed $103K

Click here for application. Submit by 03/03/20


OC Chinese-American Chamber of Commerce Foundation (OCCACCF)

Criteria: Senior. Min. 3.0 SAT score 1200 or ACT score 27Financial Need. Plan to attend community college, 4 year college/university.At least one parent who is of Chinese descent.

Click here for application. Submit by 02/28/20


National Charity League

Criteria: Senior. Female student. Significant financial need. Min GPA 2.5 Community involvement. Plan to attend a college, university, trade school or vocational school.

Applications are in the Career Center. Submit by 03/09/20.


Italian Catholic Federation Scholarship

Criteria: Senior. GPA 3.2. financial need, leadership role, recommendation.  Eligibility 1) roman catholic and Italian descent and or 2) roman catholic parent, guardian or grandparent is a member of Italian catholic federation, student must be catholic but not of Italian decent

Click here for application. Submit by 03/15/20


Greenleaf Scholarship-

Criteria: Senior planning to attend college.

Click here for additional information and application. Submit by 03/30/20


Elevate Mental Health Awareness Scholarship

Criteria: Current high school student. Must have experienced challenges with mental health or have had people close who have experienced mental health challenges. Write 500-1000 word essay on the following topic:  “How has your experience with mental health influenced your beliefs, relationships, and career aspirations?” $750 cash reward

Click here for additional information and application. Deadline: 04/01/20


Old Courthouse Museum Society- Scholarship Essay Contest

Criteria: Seniors. One page written paper. Typed, single spaced, 12 pt font and 1 inch margins. Topic “ Please compare and contract the respective duties of the prosecuting attorney versus the defense attorney in a criminal trial. Be sure to include any actual Orange County criminal trials that might support your essay. Email to Angela Johnson- Submit by 04/03/20 @ 5:00pm


Goldenwest College High School Scholarships

Criteria: Senior, enroll in 12 units in the Fall. Min 2.5 GPA. Complete FAFSA.

Applications are in the Career Center.  Submit by: 04/03/20


Robyne’s Nest

Criteria: Senior. Min GPA 3.0. Planning to attend a college/trade school (attach acceptance letter).  Complete application and answer questions regarding your major/career path, activities, honors, awards, talents, why you need stipend.

Applications are in the Career Center. Submit by 04/10/20 via email to:


PLFLAG ( Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays ) Scholarship

Criteria: Senior. GPA 3.0. Resident of Orange County. Identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer or straight ally. Planning to attend college/vocational school. Involved in support, education, and/or advocacy in their school and community. Range from $500- $2500.

Click here for application. Submit by 04/15/20


Every 15 Minutes Scholarship

Criteria: Senior. Community involvement, school participation, attendance. Plans to attend trade school, community college or 4 year.

Click here for application. Submit by 04/20/20


Pureland Supply Scholarship

Criteria: Students who plans to attend an accredited trade school, vocational college, technical school or community college for the study of trade, craft or labor occupations. $1000.

Click here for application and additional information. Deadline: 05/01/20 Entrepreneurial Scholarship

Criteria: Student who plans to enroll as a Business Major and who may one day be an entrepreneur and start their own business. Annual scholarship of $1000 that will be offered every year.

Click here for application and additional information. Deadline:05/1/20


Willow Tree Scholarship

Criteria: Min 3.0 GPA. Senior. Attending 2 or 4 year college in Fall 2020. Submit essay no more than 750 words on this topic: “What do you imagine college will look like, and how do know you will persevere and succeed in higher education?”

Click here for application. Deadline: 06/08/20


Capital Auto Auction STEM Scholarship

Criteria: Senior. Plan to attend college/university and major in STEM field.

Click here for application. Deadline: 08/15/20